200A Goldhurst Terrace, London NW6

A house designed in a modernist cubic form with a delightful contrast of red brick, glass and solid Oak to fit within the leafy surrounds of West Hampstead.



Client:                      David Lazarus

Architect:                  Daniel Smith

                                 Raymond Lam, Kalpesh Patel.


Year of Completion:  2009

Estimated Budget:    £500,000


We are an ambitious team of skilled architects and designers who strive to create excellent buildings. We see the delivery of a completed project as the culmination of a complex process from conception through to construction. We are adapt at resolving complex issues and pride ourselves in producing innovative, context-responsive design solutions. 


Our work processes involve exploration of client brief, development of scheme in 3D BIM (Building Information Management) and procurement of scheme with a number of key collaborative consultants. Our service is creative, efficient and professional and provides clients with lastly value through a superior product.