Lok Wu Sha for RSHP - Hong Kong

Known Commercially as Double Cove the scheme entailed a development of 22 towers, 4000 units and approximately 250,000sqm footprint of podium landscaping and mix use development. Sited by one of the few remaining beach coves in HongKong in New Territories the schemes design was based on the concept of Nature and living in the park.  The scheme was designed in several phases for Henderson developments a top land development company in Hong Kong. 


We are an ambitious team of skilled architects and designers who strive to create excellent buildings. We see the delivery of a completed project as the culmination of a complex process from conception through to construction. We are adapt at resolving complex issues and pride ourselves in producing innovative, context-responsive design solutions. 


Our work processes involve exploration of client brief, development of scheme in 3D BIM (Building Information Management) and procurement of scheme with a number of key collaborative consultants. Our service is creative, efficient and professional and provides clients with lastly value through a superior product.