1 Graham Road, Hendon, London

Oculus gained consent to demolish a single dwelling house and replace it with an unprecidented 7 high quality family units. The scheme is currently under construction and will be built to a Code for sustainable homes level 3. The property will enjoy the benefits from a high level of insulation to meet code and the common parts will be powered by energy from solar voltaics.


The quality of our documentation at tender and VE stage has meant very few technical queries from the appointed contractor AO&DS.


We are an ambitious team of skilled architects and designers who strive to create excellent buildings. We see the delivery of a completed project as the culmination of a complex process from conception through to construction. We are adapt at resolving complex issues and pride ourselves in producing innovative, context-responsive design solutions. 


Our work processes involve exploration of client brief, development of scheme in 3D BIM (Building Information Management) and procurement of scheme with a number of key collaborative consultants. Our service is creative, efficient and professional and provides clients with lastly value through a superior product.