Lynne Court is a 1960s block of 12 flats. Prior to our involvement two previous attempts to secure planning consent for a new penthouse floor had been turned down at appeal. Despite this unpromising state of affairs, we analysed the situation carefully. Based on our previous experience of penthouse projects we considered that even if were to succeed with a further attempt, the scheme was unlikely to be financially viable.


One of the problems was that the existing footprint was relatively small, a definite plus was that it just so happened that the freeholder owned half the flats in the block, four of which were stacked vertically above each other. We therefore came up with the idea of building a four storey rear extension turning the three lower one bedroom flats into two bedroom ones. The top flat was to become a duplex three bedroom penthouse, the increased footprint becoming an effective platform for the new setback glazed topfloor. A 25% increase in floor area made this project very attractive to the client. Our comprehensive proposal for the building involved the recladding of the building, the renewal of all the windows and the upgrading of the common parts. In this way a tired, unattractive building will be made substantially more energy efficient, attractive and profitable. 


We are an ambitious team of skilled architects and designers who strive to create excellent buildings. We see the delivery of a completed project as the culmination of a complex process from conception through to construction. We are adapt at resolving complex issues and pride ourselves in producing innovative, context-responsive design solutions. 


Our work processes involve exploration of client brief, development of scheme in 3D BIM (Building Information Management) and procurement of scheme with a number of key collaborative consultants. Our service is creative, efficient and professional and provides clients with lastly value through a superior product.